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The Institute offers Diploma in Electrical , Diploma in Mechanical & Diploma in Civil Engineering courses.

Officer in Charge Mr. Debasish Roy Choudhury.
Secretary, Academic Council Mr. Amit Kumar Mistry.
Training & Placement Officer
Mr. Sabyasachi Naiya, Lecturer in ME
Mechanical Engineering Department

1. Mr. Goutam Dutta, Lecturer & Head of the Department.
2. Mr. Debasish Roy Choudhury, Lecturer.
3. Mr. Haraprosasd Mondal, Lecturer.
4. Mr. Sabyasachi Naiya, Lecturer .
5. Mr. Utpal Paramanik, Lecturer.
6. Mr. Tanup Dasgupta, Foreman.

Electrical Engineering Deptment   Civil Engineering Deptment
1. Mrs. Pradipta Bose, Lecturer &
   Head of the Department.
2. Mr. Kalyan Palit, Lecturer.
3. Mr. Debabrata Pradhan, Lecturer.
  1. Mrs. Madhushree Roy,
    Lecturer & Head of the Department.
2. Mr. Subrata Guha, Lecturer.
Science & Humanities Department :   Computer Science & Technology Department :

1. Mr. Dipesh Ukil, Lecturer in Mathematics &
    Head of the Department.
2 Mr. Debabrata Sengupta, Lecturer in Humanities.
3. Mrs. Shipra Patra, Lecturer in Chemistrty.
4. Smt. Raktima Mitra, Lecturer in Physics.


1. Mr. Amit Kumar Mistry, Lecturer in CST.

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